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Why Hire a Licensed Residential Electrician for Your Installation?

In the age of YouTube DIY tutorials and at-home quick fixes, many home upgrades and repairs can easily be done on your own; however, if you have an electrical installation, it’s critical that you call a licensed residential electrician for assistance.

Installations are a breeze for licensed residential electricians because they’ve spent countless hours—over 8,000 hours in work experience to be exact—in order to obtain special licensing and certifications. These qualifications make them equipped to handle any residential electrical installation—no matter the size or complexity. Still not convinced you can’t handle a home electrical installation on your own? Here are the top reasons why you should hire a licensed residential electrician the next time you need something installed.

Safety First

An at-home electrical installation might seem easy, but electrical dangers are always possible—even with a simple fitting. In fact, about 400 people are electrocuted at home each year, resulting in about 200 deaths, with many of these occurrences being preventable if a residential electrical contractor had been called first. A licensed residential electrician is taught all about electrical safety and knows the proper protocol for working with wiring and electrical equipment. Plus, a home electrical company will have special insurance policies that cover any liabilities. Why put yourself, your family, and even your neighbors at risk when a professional is one call away?

Preventing Mishaps & Saving Money

A licensed residential electrician can actually save you more money instead of trying to complete an electrical installation on your own. Your eyes are not trained to catch electrical mistakes like a professional electrician. If something is installed incorrectly, it could cause damage to your entire electrical system, costing you a lot more money than scheduling an appointment with an expert.

Their Toolbox is Full

Even if you consider yourself to be the handyman of your household, it’s almost guaranteed that a licensed residential electrician will have every tool needed to complete your installation. Think about it this way: you’ve already shelled out the money prepping your backyard for your new hot tub and then you had to purchase it, do you really want to buy all of the necessary gadgets to install it too? Instead, you can schedule an installation appointment with your trusted residential electrical contractor who has all the resources for an easy installation—which speeds up the process so you can enjoy your new hot tub even sooner!

Convenience & Quality

How many times have you added a home fixer-upper project to your to-do list for it to be constantly pushed or worse—never happen? Scheduling an electrical installation with a licensed electrician means the pressure is off of you to carve time out of your schedule to complete the task. Also, it’s ok to admit that some electrical installation projects are too big to manage on your own. A home electrical company can always send out more team members to help finish a complicated install in record timing and with total precision.

Installations with Ease & Accuracy

Looking to enhance your home with an electrical installation? JPS Electrical Services specializes in residential electrical services that leave homeowners feeling fully satisfied.