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Residential Electrical Inspections that Keep Your Family Safe

At JPS Electrical Services, your safety and wellbeing mean everything to us. With routine home electrical inspections, we can work together to prevent dangerous situations from ever occurring. We handle everything from frayed wires to preparing your house for “big ticket” appliances that require large amounts of electricity.

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When’s the “Right” Time for a Home Electrical Safety Inspection?

Preparing to purchase a home

You’re preparing to purchase a home or have just moved in.

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You can’t remember the last time you tested your smoke detectors or GFCIs.

Doing your own home repairs

You’ve done your own home repairs or you’re planning to update your home. It never hurts to have an expert’s opinion.

Experiencing an electrical issue

You’re experiencing an electrical issue—whether it’s an expensive utility bill or a faulty fuse.

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Don’t Get Your Wires Crossed—Our Electricians Can Help

You shouldn’t lose sleep over electrical “what ifs.” With an electrical inspection you’ll know upfront where all electrical issues, potential upgrades, and savings opportunities lie—and you’ll be properly equipped to decide the best way to proceed.

  • Prevent damage to your home
  • Protect your loved ones
  • Ensure all electrical safety measures are covered
  • Uncover past electrical errors
  • Determine potential electrical enhancements
  • Offer energy-saving opportunities
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Thorough Home Electrical Safety Inspections—from Top to Bottom

We all know the saying, “it’s better to be safe than sorry,” and electrical inspections are a guaranteed way to protect your home and your family from serious electrical hazards or potential damage.

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Detailed Documentation & Follow Up

Our job doesn’t stop when your home inspection is completed. Our electricians provide you with detailed documentation of all issues, recommendations, upgrades, and more to put your mind at ease. From there, we work with you to pinpoint where our services are immediately needed and present you with an estimate before beginning any repairs or modifications.