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Industrial Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance done regularly on industrial electrical systems will help prolong the system’s lifespan as well as help avoid costly damages. As industrial facilities require a great deal of electricity, they will benefit greatly from having their systems well taken care of. 

Do you own or manage an industrial facility and want to know more about how to protect your power system? The experts at JPS Electrical Services have created this guide to help you understand the benefits and importance of a preventative maintenance schedule. 

Keep reading to learn all about how you can take care of your industrial electrical system through preventative maintenance. 

Industrial Electrical Systems Overview 

Industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers, require robust and powerful electrical systems. They use a lot of energy, and their power system will need to be able to keep up with the demand. 

Neglecting preventative maintenance care on an industrial electrical system can have disastrous consequences. Equipment damage, failure, and safety hazards can arise from neglecting to follow a preventative maintenance schedule. 

While preventative maintenance is not directly required by organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), it is highly recommended to keep your system and your workers safe. 

Benefits of Industrial Electrical Preventative Maintenance

The benefits of industrial electrical preventative maintenance include an increased equipment lifespan, improved energy efficiency and savings, and greater safety for workers and equipment. 

These advantages can be of great value to an industrial facility’s electrical system. 

  • Increased Equipment Lifespan: By regularly performing preventive maintenance tasks, you increase the longevity of your facility’s equipment. Electrical systems that have not been properly maintained are much more likely to fall into disrepair sooner. 
  • Improved Energy Efficiency and Savings: Periodic preventative maintenance keeps your system running at its peak performance, which will ensure greater energy efficiency and savings on your utility bills. By keeping your electrical system in good shape, you save money by avoiding costly damages. 
  • Greater Safety for Workers and Equipment: With a trusted electrician regularly checking up on your system, you can help keep your workers and your equipment safe from damage. Damaged electrical systems can be a major safety hazard, and it’s important not to neglect the safety of your system.\

These benefits are just some of the reasons why preventative maintenance is essential for an industrial facility. If you are interested in keeping your facility running smoothly, investing in a preventative maintenance schedule is worth it. 

Industrial Preventative Maintenance Checklist 

An industrial electrician should follow a fairly standard checklist when performing preventive maintenance on your facility’s power system and ensure that all the moving components and pieces of your system are in good shape. 

Here is a list of some of the different services your industrial electrician may provide: 

  • Inspect bolted electrical connections
  • Check all conductors and connections 
  • Ensure the motor control circuits are operating correctly 
  • Make sure all power meters are working correctly
  • Ensure sensors, warning lights, and indicators are operating correctly 
  • Check the system for any signs of consistent overheating 
  • Check transformers for any issues 
  • Ensure correct voltage supply and double-check all wiring 
  • Use thermal imaging equipment for thermal imaging surveys if necessary 
  • Check any batteries for signs of damage or corrosion 
  • Inspect the electrical controls for any damage 

For more information on what is included in a typical preventative maintenance checkup, contact one of our trusted industrial electricians today. 

Developing a Preventative Maintenance Plan

When developing your preventative maintenance plan for your facility, you may want to assess your system’s vulnerabilities and determine the frequency of the checkups. Understanding these two points can help you determine the best plan for you. 

By assessing your system’s vulnerabilities, you can inform your industrial electrician of what they should be sure to look out for during their checkups. If you are worried about a particular part of your power system, it can be helpful to have an electrician closely monitoring it. 

When developing a preventative maintenance schedule with an electrician, you will want to know the frequency of how often you would like them to come. If you use a lot of power regularly and want to play it safe, you may want them to visit more frequently. 


Industrial electrical preventative maintenance plays an important part in ensuring your facility’s electrical system stays in good shape for as long as possible. By scheduling regular checkups, you can make sure that your facility equipment is protected and efficient. 

Protect your industrial facility today and call a trusted electrician to schedule your next preventative maintenance service. For industries located near the Greater Baltimore Area, JPS Electrical Services can help you out today! 

Our electrical experts have extensive experience in servicing industrial power systems, as well as residential or commercial. Contact us on our website, or call us today at (410)656-4311. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is industrial electrical preventative maintenance? 

Industrial electrical preventative maintenance is the scheduled maintenance checkups on an industry facility’s electrical system. Preventative maintenance is performed before any damage occurs, unlike corrective or reactive maintenance. 

What benefits does preventative maintenance have on electrical systems? 

Preventative maintenance can benefit electrical systems by prolonging their lifespan, protecting their components and parts from damage and disrepair, and increasing their energy efficiency. By maintaining the system regularly instead of only after damage, you take better care of your system. 

Is industrial preventative maintenance required? 

Preventative maintenance is not required but it is highly recommended. It’s important to note that organizations like OSHA do not directly require preventative maintenance, they do require that you provide a safe environment for your workers.  Neglected electrical systems are major safety hazards. 

What happens if you neglect preventative maintenance in industrial settings?

By neglecting preventative maintenance you could set your electrical system up for greater damage, a shortened lifespan, and increased workplace dangers. Electrical systems that are not properly maintained can cause major equipment failure and safety hazards.